Monday, October 8, 2007

Another day..... Another thing marked off "the list"

Well each day we are getting one more item marked off our to do list. This past weekend Lance sat for hours and I do mean hours and assisted me with getting all of our invitations addressed (hopefully they will be out by Thursday). We have decided to try and rent something for a year or so that we have time to find what we want or try to build. The options are endless at this time.

Lance is surviving in Keller.... not real sure how much he likes being the only boy there but he is doing alright. We had our first shower and it was a lot of fun. The lovely ladies in Cleburne did a excellent job and the shower was wonderful. Lance was excited to get some of the items he picked out at the Cleburne stores. I thought it was fun to get some of the items for our kitchen and home decor. I had a small helper (Lance's cousins little girl Alyssa) to open all the gifts. She thought we were having a birthday party.

The whole crew is meeting with the organist and the wedding coordinator this week to try and nail down some details. Hopefully some of the things I am wanting to see happen with the wedding will be possible. Work is going good I am staying really busy with all the inpatient unit. Having fun getting things accomplished..... stress has increased a little but not to bad. I have had lots of help getting things done for the wedding and do not know where I would be with out Lance and I's moms or Lance!! He has been a trooper.

Keep you posted as things progress.

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico