Monday, July 7, 2008

Life never seems to slow down.....

Lance and I continue to be busy.......
Katharine has turned in her resignation for full time at the hospital and will be going PRN (as needed) for weekends and days off.... and starting in August she is headed back to work with kids. --- Ok so I am very excited about going back to the schools and with the time off I can still do some work at the hospital to keep my adult skills fresh and earn some extra cash for our vacation. Lance gave me my birthday present early and thanks to that I should have some great pictures to post soon... any guess as to what I got? I am planning a surprise trip for Lance to celebrate our first anniversary.... Let's just say he is going to be surprised and amazed how much work I put into it..... all he knows is he will need his golf clubs and we are flying into Sacramento.

Lance passed his group 1 licensing exam on the first try and we are quite proud of him.... I am not sure what group or series is next but we will try to keep you posted. Although he is working a lot Lance still seems to find time for a little fun. He is planning his annual trip to Minnesota with the guys. So hopefully if he brings some back we will have a few good pics to post.

Ok so enough on the update. Let me just inform you of Lance's and I's recent fish out of water experience. So we were invited to a birthday party at a sporting goods store. But it was not just any birthday party it was a 4 year olds birthday party. Let me interject with Lance works with the mother and we do hang out with their family. Well Lance and I begin shopping for the birthday present and let me tell you it is not easy to find camo to fit such a small boy.... trust me I have looked. Needless to say we settled on some camo pants to go "hunting with daddy" in. Ethan was thrilled when he opened it. I digress.... Lance and I arrive about 5 minutes late do to the fact that I could not seem to find clothes to fit to wear. We are the ONLY people there and I mean ONLY people there with out children. When this fact was pointed out to the birthday boy himself he said we could stay but we could not feed the fish or play games as they were for the kids but we had to promise to eat cake and give him the gift we were holding. We agreed and he took off running with the present and was determined to show us his cake - a camo cake. He was so excited and full of energy. Who knew a 4 year old could have so many best friends as he did that day.

That being said all the kids and their respective parents headed down to the fish pond to learn about trout and feed the fish. As we had been instructed Lance and I stood on the side and did not feed the fish. Then we took all the kids on a walk through of the exhibit and up to play the shooting game. As stated before we did not play the game however we were requested to help the birthday boy climb up, hold the gun, put in the tokens and help him win the game. Needless to say it was great birth control or child birthday experience so we at least know what to expect next time. You either come with kids in tow or come ready to help, eat cake and bringing a present.... Anyone up for a 4 year old birthday party? Looking forward to the 5 year old party it should be entertaining.

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico