Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Erin & Keith's Wedding

My little sister in our sorority Erin got married and we really had a great time celebrating with her and her hubby Keith.  Here are some pictures from the big day!
The beautiful bride on her wedding day before the ceremony.
Erin with the 2 ring bearers (her nephews) and the flower girl sitting on the ottoman (the bride's cousin's daughter).
Lance and Erin dancing during the dollar/ honeymoon dance.
Lance and I during the reception... the bridesmaid dress Erin chose (they were pretty & comfy).
Our friend Ky and his awesome girlfriend Caroline.... aren't they cute together.
Our good friends Josh and Kristin (brother and sister-in-law of the bride) this is a cute picture of them! (before we got to talk with them after the reception... he he)
Our friends Marcus and Courtney (another brother and sister-in-law of the bride).... don't they look awesome for having had a baby 10 days before.... what troopers!

The wedding was lots of fun and we enjoyed the dance floor, music, food, and time with good friends.  Thanks Erin and Keith for letting us join in your special day.  The weekend was filled with lots of laughter, reminiscing, friends, food, and great times.  Thanks for Josh and Kristin for letting us crash at your  house and share in your news.  We love y'all!!!

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico