Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a picture of our FIRST HOME..... Hope you will come visit!

We are down to one week..... lets just say we are counting down and very excited. Lance and I are in the midst of the last minute details and "duties" that have been assigned. The excitement is building and we are very ready. Lance is more ready to be at the reception enjoying the "party" and on his honeymoon. I am more ready to celebrate and finally be married to Lance!

The wedding is pretty much all set and the last minute details are being worked out. Lance is only working Monday through Wednesday and I unfortunately am working through Thursday. But it will definitely make time fly by..... I will blink and Friday will be here before I know it. The house is coming along. Lance's parents came up on Friday and helped unpack, hang things and break down all the boxes we had unpacked so far. I will post pictures once things are more put together. We are close to being ready for overnight guest if we have any takers.

I will try to post more information later this week...... Happy count down everyone!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

God's Divine Intervention & Sense Of Humor

Well..... things are moving right along with the wedding and Lance and I are in count down mode. Ok so here is the update from recent events:
Lance and I decided to rent a house for a year, found a great house in Keller and filled out the application on Thursday (3 weeks ago). Lance faxed in the application on Friday and the lady at the rental office called to tell him she would process the application on Monday. Great we thought we will have the keys towards the end of October and can start moving things in..... Well God decided to show us his sense of humor! On Saturday morning Lance and I both went to work (yes we ironically had to work the same weekend). Wes (Lance's roommate) called Lance at work at about 10:30a stating he had a house come across his desk- brand new with almost all the things Katharine wanted in a house. The builder is trying to get it off their inventory QUICK so check it out and get back to him ASAP. Lance reviewed the information Wes had sent him and thought it looked like a possibility.... remember we currently had an application in on a rental house. Well Lance tried to call me about 6 times but I had left my cell phone at home that day and he does not know my work number nor would he have caught me at my desk it was a VERY busy Saturday. Anyway I called him back after work and he kept asking how soon can you get to my house I have something I need to show you......

I made it to Grapevine very quickly thinking something was wrong with Lance or Hitch. Lance told me about the house we went over and looked at it even though Lance had already met the builder over there and looked at to see if it was anything we should consider farther. I LOVED THE HOUSE!!!! We would have plenty of space and it truly had everything but one item that I had asked Wes to look for in a house for us. Well Lance and I called my parents to come up and look at it and we sent pictures and information to his parents (they could not come because his Dad was 1-2 days post knee surgery). Everybody agreed that this was too good of a deal to pass up and that the house was perfect for Lance and I so..... We returned to the builder's office on Sunday and signed a purchase agreement. Two weeks after seeing the house for the first time (this past Tuesday October 30) we closed on our very first home.

So if you missed the humor or intervention here it is in a nutshell.... I had been a little stressed out trying to get all the wedding plans done and find a house that Lance and I could agree on, in an area we like, etc- we finally decided to submit to God's desire and rent a house and low and behold once we did that and felt better he showed us his funny side and gave us the house we had been looking for all along with a deal we could not pass up!

Lance and I are now home owners and in the process of trying to get moved in little by little so it will be ready for us when we get married. Or bachelor and bachelorette parties were in Austin on the same weekend but our friends did a great job and we never ran into each other. We have had a wonderful time at all of our showers. We only have two left before we get married. Things are running pretty smoothly with wedding plans and getting appliances delivered to the house. Overall things are great and Lance and I are truly BLESSED (to say the least)!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another day..... Another thing marked off "the list"

Well each day we are getting one more item marked off our to do list. This past weekend Lance sat for hours and I do mean hours and assisted me with getting all of our invitations addressed (hopefully they will be out by Thursday). We have decided to try and rent something for a year or so that we have time to find what we want or try to build. The options are endless at this time.

Lance is surviving in Keller.... not real sure how much he likes being the only boy there but he is doing alright. We had our first shower and it was a lot of fun. The lovely ladies in Cleburne did a excellent job and the shower was wonderful. Lance was excited to get some of the items he picked out at the Cleburne stores. I thought it was fun to get some of the items for our kitchen and home decor. I had a small helper (Lance's cousins little girl Alyssa) to open all the gifts. She thought we were having a birthday party.

The whole crew is meeting with the organist and the wedding coordinator this week to try and nail down some details. Hopefully some of the things I am wanting to see happen with the wedding will be possible. Work is going good I am staying really busy with all the inpatient unit. Having fun getting things accomplished..... stress has increased a little but not to bad. I have had lots of help getting things done for the wedding and do not know where I would be with out Lance and I's moms or Lance!! He has been a trooper.

Keep you posted as things progress.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

House hunting....

OK so I am starting to wonder if house hunting could be any more difficult...... I feel the more we look the farther we are from a decision. Do we try to live closer to my job or Lance's job? Which way is less time in rush hour traffic (oh wait I go to work way before rush hour begins so that is not really a factor for me).... the list of questions continues.

Lance and I had to finally sit down and lay out exactly what elements we are both wanting in a house and start the process over together. Now that the list of what we are wanting is complete the trick is trying to find a house that we can make a home that meets at least some if not most of the requirements. Man who knew it was sooooo very tough to be an adult. Adulthood should come with a manual.

At the end of this week we will be down to 2 months until our wedding day and our first big shower in Cleburne is this coming weekend. I can honestly say I am getting excited and can't wait.... Lance did mention this weekend that he is getting more and more ready to live with me and is just ready to actually be married...... so ladies after 7 years there is hope that a guy can be excited or looking forward to a wedding. I will keep you posted as developments occur.......

Friday, September 7, 2007

Lance has selected a new branch to head to in October!!!!! He is going to be in Keller and I will be in Southwest Fort Worth so we are going to look for a house somewhere in the middle. Waco was fun..... no birds though. Hitch did not run at the sound of the gun but would not exactly swim in the tank so, Lance is not really thinking so highly of our "hunting" dog at the moment. But I still LOVE the puppy!
I am taking my dress to the tailor in the morning (Saturday) for my first fitting... I am very excited. We have set most of our shower dates and needless to say October and November just may the 2 busiest months of my life - it should be fun!
We will keep you posted as we make more decisions!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lance finally popped the question in December of 2006.... So we are getting "hitched" December 1, 2007. The count down has begun we are under 100 days until the big day. We will officially be part of the married crowd in my family! So that is kind of exciting. We passed our 7 year dating anniversary in August. We have one crazy, large lab named "Hitch" and I am hoping in a year when we have a house and have been settled a little Lance will let me get a girl puppy.

I started a new job working inpatient rehab in a 62 bed unit. Lance has begun the interview process to transfer to a new bank brach with in his company. We are headed to Waco this weekend to see my brother, the boys will hunt and the girls will of course shop! Will keep you updated on the wedding and fun showers that are in the works now. Until later.......

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico