Sunday, October 14, 2012

Circus with some loves

So I took my cousin's kiddos to the circus the other night and met a few of my cousins and their kids for the show.  I obviously do not have kiddos of my own yet so I utilized "rent-a-kid" which is pretty easy in my family considering how many of them have young kids.  It was so much FUN!!!  WE started our night a chic-fil-a for a little dinner and ice cream.  Then we headed over to Will Rogers in Fort Worth early and the kids got to ride on an elephant and a pony before the circus started.  My mom rode with them so I could take their picture.  Yes all I got my mom to ride on an elephant! :) Then we got some popcorn and drinks and headed to our seats.  We had seats just a few rows up from the floor and it was AWESOME!  The kids loved all the animals, acts, and the funny clown that preformed on a trampoline and in a skit.  They were mesmorized by the circus..... precious Addisyn did not say a single word from the start to the end of the circus..... and she always has something to say.  Overall I would say it was a success and a great first circus for the little ones.  Brittany, Michelle, Mom, Parker, Walker, Grayson, Ashton, Autry, Addisyn I has so much fun with you at the circus thanks for coming to hang out with me.  I do have to say though it has been rather odd driving around with two empty car seats in my car for a week.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My North Euless Family

To my North Euless Family,
I just wanted to send you all a note to tell you how much I have loved working with all of you the past 3 years.  You have all touched my life and I have been blessed to work with such amazing people.  I have never felt so loved, supported, and as a member of a pretty neat family as I did at North Euless.  If you have not received your letter from Melissa to start the year let me be the one to tell you that special education has moved me to South Euless Elementary for the upcoming school year.  You have a wonderful new therapist coming into North Euless.  I know you will all welcome her with open arms just as you did me.  I have shed some tears over the move but want you to know you are not getting rid of me that easy.  I have asked Melissa to please keep me in the loop about showers and family nights, etc so I can still see everyone.  I know Melissa went to bat for me and really tried everything to keep me at NEE but in the end my services were needed elsewhere.  Thank you for all the ways you have supported me, helped me grow, made me one of the team and family, and helped me make all my students successful.  You will never know how much I appreciate each and everyone of you and the relationships I have made with you.  

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico