Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Anniversary

I surprised Lance with a trip to California for our first wedding anniversary.  We stayed in Sonoma and went into San Fransisco two days.  Lance played golf one day and I walked around the town square in Sonoma and shopped.  Enjoy the few pictures I posted.

This is the room we stayed in ~ it was in  the original part of the old resort we stayed at.  It was beautiful.
This is one of the pictures I took of the hotel while I was walking around and Lance was golfing.
This was Lance's favorite thing in San Fran.  HE LOVED THE SEA LIONS!!!!
Not a great picture but it is one of the few of the two of us together on Pier 39.
I made Lance trek all the way to Ghiradelli Square so I could have some chocolate.  
We took a trip to Alcatraz.... I think Lance finally put me in my place behind bars... ha ha ha!
He found his spot.
Alcatraz Island as we left after our multi hour tour.
The actual top layer of our wedding cake one year later..... thawed..... and actually DELICIOUS!!

Oh and we arrived to champagne and chocolate covered strawberries at our hotel.  What a great vacation.  We had a great time on our vacation.  Lance is in charge of our second anniversary celebration!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Softball Fall 2008

Softball is over and the guys went 1 and 7..... YES we WON a game. Wait to go Hometown Heroes..... guys enjoy the pictures more to come to you personally later on.

Old men must stretch well before every game!

These are photos from softball not in any particular order. Most of the clear ones are form the last night we played which happened to be the day after Lance's birthday and the games his parents came too and yes one was their only win of the season..... we went 1 and 7 for the season and believe it or not we beat one of the top 3 teams. The guys seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the "hang out" time with friends. It was fun and here's looking forward to spring ball.

Lance making excellent connection with the ball..... he actually scored the winning run of their one win!!

Most of the team hanging out betwenn double header games.

Lance telling the crowd all about the exciting things during the game they won.

Warming up.... talking strategy and making out the batting order.

Our amazing Rio Vista Eagles pitcher John.

Keep your eye on the ball Butch.

Other warm up activities..... you know our guys mostly talking....

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as the wives, girlfriends and fiance's loved watching the Homwtown Heroes play. We will keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A 3rd Birthday Celebration

A birthday Bone for puppy!

Running around the house with our present.

These are a few pictures of Hitch's big day.... ENJOY! So Lance and I do not have children yet but we do have a dog.... and today our four legged boy turned 3 years old. Time has really flown since we got him. He is still so loving and playful... one might think he was still a puppy. We had a small family celebration just mom, dad and hitchers (Lance and I and our puppy). He got a new toy (a green rubber wrench) and a flavored raw hide bone. Watching him prance around our house with them and play with them you would have thought he won the lottery.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Softball - update 1

Alright well the guys are playing softball at a nice ballpark in Euless. They are playing in the "E" league which is supposed to be the easiest/ least experience/ fun grouping to be in. According to the "regulations" this is the league we should be playing in..... some of these teams playing however I think forgot this is supposed to be fun. They are overly competitive and some shall we say do not have the best sportsmanship. But our guys go out every Thursday night and still try to have fun. I think they are planning a team practice or team trip to the batting cages now before their next game. I thought I would post a few pictures that we have so far. The guys are currently one of three teams in the "E" league that are 0-4.... our goal: TO WIN ONE GAME! I believe if we are one of three teams with this record the Hometown Heroes can surely win one!!! Enjoy the pictures more to come now that I have borrowed my Dad's nice 35mm camera that has a ZOOM lens.

~OK so our Internet truly SUCKS!!!! I have been trying to post the other pics for over an hour and it is running so slow it is worse than dial up and won't upload the pictures. I will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Emergency Room twice in one week... and elected team mom!

We are both doing fine.... I had an issue with a kidney stone two Sundays ago and Lance had to take me to the ER. He survived and was wonderful and very supportive. I have since passed the stone and Lance is thankful I am not crying and rolling around in a chair in pain. He said that was the worst part was knowing I was in such pain and there was not really anything he could do for me but hold my hair and a barf bag and try to get me into triage a little faster. Poor guy!!!! But he was wonderful and I would not have made it with out him. Funny thing was that I passed the stone like usual once I knew what it was and had some medicine. Well Lance is playing on a softball team with some friends from his hometown on Thursday nights. The following Thursday (after the stone attack) a guy on Lance's team got hit in the face with a softball. It broke his nose and I was back in the emergency room with him in the same week (I had to drive him since his fiance was not there - of course it is the one game she could not come to.... she met us at the ER) So I have now been elected team mom/ care taker. In return for the hilarity in the title I now take capri suns, gold fish and my first aide bag to every ball game. I think I am being prepared to some day have children. I just did not know that my trial run set would be between the ages of 25-36 (mostly 25-29 with one 36 year old). Oh a week in the life of the Langner family. We will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lee side is.... Fertile as the Nile valley

Okay don't everybody get excited it is not I repeat NOT Lance and I! However I do want to put up a post to tell my cousin Brittany CONGRATULATIONS!!!! After several years of trying for a second baby she and her family found out this week that she is pregnant with a baby boy and due in February. We could not be more excited, thrilled, ecstatic for them.... I know what you must be thinking she just found out and she is due in a few months? Well ladies it is time to be jealous she must have the easiest pregnancy on earth and I pretty much know I will not be that lucky.

On top of that in the past year we have welcomed 5 new babies into the family and are expecting 2 by the end of May. How truly blessed are we that our family continues to grow. Brit I guess you were due for a boy since recently mostly we got girls.... gotta even it out some how. Again we are so happy for you and wish you the easiest finish to your pregnancy..... you deserve it girl! Let us know when you get your registry up!!!! Love you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Check out where Lance went on Vacation

Well..... the time has come for another long overdue update. Everytime I think things are going to slow down enough for me to be able to blog life becomes more hectic. Lance has been to Minnesota and when he returned and I saw the pictures I must say I was quite jealous.... they had beautiful scerary and plenty of time to relax, hang out and think.... HA HA HA!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Life never seems to slow down.....

Lance and I continue to be busy.......
Katharine has turned in her resignation for full time at the hospital and will be going PRN (as needed) for weekends and days off.... and starting in August she is headed back to work with kids. --- Ok so I am very excited about going back to the schools and with the time off I can still do some work at the hospital to keep my adult skills fresh and earn some extra cash for our vacation. Lance gave me my birthday present early and thanks to that I should have some great pictures to post soon... any guess as to what I got? I am planning a surprise trip for Lance to celebrate our first anniversary.... Let's just say he is going to be surprised and amazed how much work I put into it..... all he knows is he will need his golf clubs and we are flying into Sacramento.

Lance passed his group 1 licensing exam on the first try and we are quite proud of him.... I am not sure what group or series is next but we will try to keep you posted. Although he is working a lot Lance still seems to find time for a little fun. He is planning his annual trip to Minnesota with the guys. So hopefully if he brings some back we will have a few good pics to post.

Ok so enough on the update. Let me just inform you of Lance's and I's recent fish out of water experience. So we were invited to a birthday party at a sporting goods store. But it was not just any birthday party it was a 4 year olds birthday party. Let me interject with Lance works with the mother and we do hang out with their family. Well Lance and I begin shopping for the birthday present and let me tell you it is not easy to find camo to fit such a small boy.... trust me I have looked. Needless to say we settled on some camo pants to go "hunting with daddy" in. Ethan was thrilled when he opened it. I digress.... Lance and I arrive about 5 minutes late do to the fact that I could not seem to find clothes to fit to wear. We are the ONLY people there and I mean ONLY people there with out children. When this fact was pointed out to the birthday boy himself he said we could stay but we could not feed the fish or play games as they were for the kids but we had to promise to eat cake and give him the gift we were holding. We agreed and he took off running with the present and was determined to show us his cake - a camo cake. He was so excited and full of energy. Who knew a 4 year old could have so many best friends as he did that day.

That being said all the kids and their respective parents headed down to the fish pond to learn about trout and feed the fish. As we had been instructed Lance and I stood on the side and did not feed the fish. Then we took all the kids on a walk through of the exhibit and up to play the shooting game. As stated before we did not play the game however we were requested to help the birthday boy climb up, hold the gun, put in the tokens and help him win the game. Needless to say it was great birth control or child birthday experience so we at least know what to expect next time. You either come with kids in tow or come ready to help, eat cake and bringing a present.... Anyone up for a 4 year old birthday party? Looking forward to the 5 year old party it should be entertaining.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Long Over Due Update

Well.... we have finally finished putting together our house. Lance had to mow the yard for the first time and we are one of the few people on our block with green grass. Yes Lance has been playing yard boy and fertilizing our grass and with all the rain lately we have a lush green yard. However the neighbor behind us took her mower to the "repair" shop. My husband being the nice guy he is offered to help her out and mow her yard for her while they are repairing the mower.... after excepting his kind offer she informed him that they would have it for 5-6 weeks! Where in the world did she take the mower that it might take 5+ weeks to repair you might ask... to a bike repair shop. Seriously a bike repair shop no wonder it will take 5 or more weeks they will have to look up how to fix it. After laughing at the situation Lance headed out to mow our yard and the neighbors for the first time.

I figured since he was outside being "manly" in the yard I would help him out and start the work we needed to do in the flower beds.... so I manually (yes manually) pulled out 5 bushes that were in our flower bed. After that I was exhausted and in need of a good chiropractor so we now have a somewhat bare flower bed awaiting new plants.

Hitch is trying to help us with the landscaping tasks by digging in the backyard. We play this fun little game where Lance places rocks (more like boulders- these are not small rocks) around the edge of our fence and then Hitch moves them through out the day. When he is done with that job he begins his daily digging. He likes to dig up our sprinkler pipes just to see what they look like. He does not chew on the or hurt them he just uncovers them..... and then stands there like "look mom and dad- see what i found today" He is a mess but keeps life entertaining. Hitch also experienced his first snow this past winter. He LOVED it we could not get him to come in out of the snow. He chased, ran in it, buried his nose in it. It was a sight to be hold and great for a laugh.

As far as the family goes... we have finally finished adding all the newest members. 5 new babies and I must say we have the most beautiful and good baby additions. They are: Hayden, Elizabeth "Elle", Cade, Addisyn and Avery. I think that most of them already know that Aunt Katharine and Uncle Lance are there favorites.

Now that things are more flexible and time is not so strained we will keep this updated more frequently.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not much new.....

Approaching 3 months of marriage we thought it would be good to post an update....
We are both working a lot, Katharine works long hours as usual and Lance is working long hours due to his branch being short employees at the moment. Life is busy but entertaining to say the least. We have for the most part moved completely into out house. We still have some boxes in the garage to finish unpacking so we can get cars in there but over all we are home.
We recently took a trip to Tyler to visit Lance's grandparents. We had a great time and enjoyed the weekend with family. We celebrated both of his grandparents' birthdays, his mother's birthday and valentine's day. During our stop we hung out with some of our good friends and saw their new house.
Life is routine but busy. We are walking and playing ball with "Hitch" and enjoying the time together. We got a new family member on the 21st. Katharine's cousin Monica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We will keep you posted with any new updates and fun happenings. We have several weddings coming up and should have some stories from those to share with friends and family.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Married Life

So far so good we have survived our first month of marriage and here is what I know.....
  • Honeymoon in Mexico
  • We are both still alive
  • The honeymoon was incredible!!! We had the best time and almost hated to come back.
  • We went to Chichen Itza (Mayan ruins) on a tour one day - our bus got a flat tire on the way back and they handed out Tequila shots to all takers.... it was an interesting bus ride.
  • We had moon light massages on the beach - which were awesome.
  • Lance is a huge fan of all inclusive resorts. He really likes to enjoy a great meal and at the end be able to get up and leave and know the check is taken care of.
  • Lance loves iguanas apparently..... we have a ton of pictures of iguanas!
  • I need to slow down and pay attention to what I am doing with my camera- I deleted the first two days worth of pictures from our honeymoon due to lack of attention. (It is OK though Lance and my dad got me LARGE memory sticks for Christmas)
  • Everywhere we turned in Mexico we were getting a bottle of champagne
  • Much more....
  • Our First Christmas (MARRIED)
  • Trying to hit all parts of our families during the one day we had off was tiring, fun, good and possibly a bit much.
  • Christmas Eve after I got off work we headed to Cleburne to do Christmas with Lance's family. They were lots of fun and seeing the kids play with their presents was entertaining. Needless to say I was under the weather and had soup for dinner.
  • Christmas Morning we hit up breakfast bright and early with my Mom and Step dad. Charlie made a fabulous spread before my stepbrother had to head back to Oklahoma. Needless to say Hitch gets along great and plays well with Georgia (my brother's great dane), Lexie (Charlie's dog) and Rip (my mom's dog)..... he does not play well with the boxer my step brother brought home with him that he was watching for his roommate..... you don't think it could have anything to do with the fact that they are both not neutered males do you???
  • Lunch- with my mom's family....... good food, good times, and laughter were had by all.
  • Dessert- with my dad's family...... white elephant gift exchange, family making fun of my married life is like a giant slumber party comment. Lance picking a present so I could have 2..... pretty good.
  • Dinner and Christmas lights with my Dad- we did present, had a "snack" (we were still full from lunch) and we went to see the Giant Angel in West over Hills.
  • Then we headed for home to sleep before getting up the next morning for work!
  • Overall
  • Lance is still eating my cooking (when I have time to cook)
  • We are both still alive and well
  • We are enjoying each other's company
  • I go to bed earlier than he does and work long hours.......
  • Love is a great asset to have
  • Being married is so far GREAT and I highly recommend it!!!!

I will post more information and pictures soon...... now that we have the Internet at home it will be easier. Happy New Year!!!!!!!

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico