Friday, May 29, 2009

Just A Quick Update

We have had quite a bit going on lately and I do not have pictures for everything but I will post some of what I have....

1.  Congrats to my cousin Michelle she delivered another great-grandchild for our grandparents.  A precious baby boy named Grayson ~ and he is really really good.  Not to mention Shell is taking to the mommy thing like a champ.

2. This is what my mother wanted to do for mother's day.  So we took her to "bungee jump" as she referred to it and then took her to Rosa's for lunch (where she wanted to go).  Overall it was a great day and my mom managed to do 2 flips.  She was thrilled she had us all home.

3.  The Fort Worth Zoo came to visit our kids at the development center it was lots of fun

These were my FAVORITE animals they brought.... the penguins!!!  We even got to hear them talk and see how they said hey to each other.... it was GREAT!!!!!!

We had other animals like the blue and gold macaw, a baby alligator, an opossum, a skink, snake, and and a humongous dog just to name a few.  The kids LOVED it!!! (so did I)

4.  We have several friends that are due soon with their first babies and we are so excited for all of them.  Not to mention that we can't wait to meet all the babies.

5. My cousin Monica has taught me to make several great baby gifts from scratch.  Thanks lady they are working out GREAT!!

These are just a few of our latest happenings, and SETH just for your information our grass is actually GREEN ~ Lance has been working hard to green it up but we did add the landscaping in March when the grass is still dormant.  Just so you know (ha ha ha).  Only one more week of school this year and then I will post more information.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christopher's Graduation

On Saturday..... Lance and I headed to Waco bright and early and watched my younger brother cross the stage and receive his diploma.   Christopher is now headed to Tech to attend Law School.  To my younger brother: know how proud of you we are, excited for what is in store for you, and that we enjoyed seeing you and watching you get your degree.  We love you!!!
 ~Your Family

This is a picture of Lance and I with my brother Christopher and his girlfriend Sarah.  She is pretty great and sat through the freezing graduation with us... what a trooper.

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico