Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Hard Days Work.... For The 2 of US!

So Lance got up this morning and decided he was going to do some work in our yard to help fertilize and get things ready for the "lush" green lawn he and our neighbors have been discussing.  I decided that since he was going to Home Depot that we should go ahead and get some of the other things we were needing to complete the tasks I had wanted to do to our flower bed.  WELL.... that said I wanted to take out the disgusting little holly bushes the builder had planted that Lance and I both hated, add some new bushes, and new mulch through out.  Plus some new flowers for my big cement pots.   My sweet husband agreed and then spent the entire day working himself to death in our front yard with me.
Picture of the whole front redone from the street.
Closer shot from the driveway.  You can see the boarder that Lance and I put in to help keep the grass out of the flower beds and make it easier for him to edge that area when he mows.
Side of the flower bed on the side of the house.  Here is where we pulled out the holly bushes that never became much of anything and put in some new bushes, with some flowers in the pot and new mulch.
The other side of the flower bed that we put flowers in the other pot and new mulch.  We also had to pullout all the weeds, take care of the couple of ant mounds we did not know we had acquired, and tend the soil.

Needless to say we were busy but, it does add so much appeal from the curb side.  Not to mention that it is really nice to pull up to the house now and see our hard work.  Lance fertilized after  we finished all the flower bed activities.  I do have to say that my husband is a trooper and did not get mad when I had to giggle when he fell while digging with the shovel.  I will say it was hilarious when he fell back and then stated I thought you were going to support me... you promised in our wedding vows.  My response "I do support you in everything you do but how was I supposed to support you when you fall when I am standing in front of you?"  But to make it even better we were hauling the huge trash can full of LARGE rocks (from our flower bed) to empty it and he fell over a rock while walking backwards pulling the dolly with the extremely heavy trash can on it.  The funny part was I was trying to grab the huge boulders and catch them between me and the dolly so they would not fall on him.  All I could do at that point was laugh... and try to help him empty it.  We were so tired at that point it was laugh or cry.  We are sore, tired, and got a little sun.... but it was all worth it to see our beautiful yard now.  Hopefully my husbands back end will feel better and is just bruised from his fall.  Got to love a man who will work all day in the yard to make you happy and let you giggle when he falls, and then blog about it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cade's First Birthday

We celebrated sweet Cade's first birthday and these are a few of my favorite pictures from the big day.
This is Cade playing with Mimi and the red ball Lance and I gave him for his birthday.
Cade's cakes... Bluebonnet Bakery makes some delicious cakes.
Blowing out the candle on his cake with mommy.
Playing with his cake on his big blanket.
He found the monkey stuffed animal Uncle Mikey had gotten him and insisted that Michael open right then.
This is Cade with his awesome Boston Red Sox hat that Lance and I got him... we looks so cute with it on.  I will make a red sox fan out of him yet.
Opening presents... Cade is a HUGE help.
Playing with the red ball we got him.

Overall it was a great time and we were glad to share in the celebration with family and the sweet birthday boy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I probably should have known before... but learned recently!

Ok I am sitting in the hospital with my husband's grandfather so he could take his mother and aunt to eat.  Something they both needed to do since they have been pulling around the clock shifts at the hospital.  Here are some things I have recently discovered but should have known before:
1. Did you know that if you are a patient in a hospital and have Alzheimer's the staff requires that someone sit with the patient at all times... who knew and I worked in a hospital?!?!
2. First birthday parties are really fun when the birthday boy or girl is really into the cake and makes a mess.... Cade was not so much into the cake as he was the frosting (which he promptly smeared on the window and windowsill as well as the blanket we had him sitting on.)
3. Working with young children 3-5 years old in special education - they DO NOT know how to cover their mouths and noses..... which despite your best efforts leads to you getting sick.  In my case it was the flu type A (YUCK!)
4. Having lots of make up on makes my face itch especially my eyes!
5. It is difficult to kindly tell someone to suck it up and stick to their guns if it is something important to you.... unless you are my mother (ha ha ha love you mom!!!!).
6. Our dog has become very expensive since the beginning of the year all due to his back end....
7. I will be able to cover all of our deductible for our insurance all on my own at the rate I am going this year.
8. Battling high blood pressure is interesting.... especially when the doctor makes you take meds, stay on a meal plan and exercise plan.  At least I have that under control at the moment and are not headed for a stroke between 35- 45.  So that is awesome.
9.  Nursing is a tough job but if you get a good one you should thank your lucky stars and them while you are at it.
10. Breaking up a full on brawl at a high school is kinda like being a rodeo clown!  Trust me I know.

That is all I have got right now and the nurse has come into take Lance's Pop's vital and I probably should pay attention.

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico