Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Softball Fall 2008

Softball is over and the guys went 1 and 7..... YES we WON a game. Wait to go Hometown Heroes..... guys enjoy the pictures more to come to you personally later on.

Old men must stretch well before every game!

These are photos from softball not in any particular order. Most of the clear ones are form the last night we played which happened to be the day after Lance's birthday and the games his parents came too and yes one was their only win of the season..... we went 1 and 7 for the season and believe it or not we beat one of the top 3 teams. The guys seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the "hang out" time with friends. It was fun and here's looking forward to spring ball.

Lance making excellent connection with the ball..... he actually scored the winning run of their one win!!

Most of the team hanging out betwenn double header games.

Lance telling the crowd all about the exciting things during the game they won.

Warming up.... talking strategy and making out the batting order.

Our amazing Rio Vista Eagles pitcher John.

Keep your eye on the ball Butch.

Other warm up activities..... you know our guys mostly talking....

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as the wives, girlfriends and fiance's loved watching the Homwtown Heroes play. We will keep you posted!

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico