Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's been happening...

Well I went to New York to visit my cousin and her family. It was so much fun to see and experience the city how they see it everyday as resident New Yorkers. Here are just a few of my favorites from the trip just to give you a taste.

This is my cousin Monica who does everything by foot in New York with a 3 1/2 year old and pregnant. I know I know she is amazing and should pretty much be your hero like mine. I am not sure I would be as upbeat, pleasant and such a great host if I was in her shoes. She is pretty great and opened up her home and daily life to me with a smile every day!
I think this picture is neat because she looks beautiful pregnant, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back and the city where their second beautiful baby girl (name to be determined) will be born in.

This is her funny, independent, and cute 3 1/2 year old Elle and I one day at the Central Park Zoo.

It was smurf week in NYC while I was there and each day in a different part of the city the smurf village was put up. Elle enjoyed her "smurf juice".... well it looked more like colored water but it was supposedly blueberry flavored. At least she let me snap a picture of her.

We ate delicious food the whole time I was there!!! But this was at a really good Indian place called Sapphire. The food was so good and very flavorful.

Anyway I had a great trip came home under not so great circumstances but was thankful for the time I spent with my cousin and her family before they became a family of 4. I learned a lot, had great conversations and experienced the city in a completely different way. Thanks Mon and Mathew!!!

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico