Sunday, April 13, 2008

Long Over Due Update

Well.... we have finally finished putting together our house. Lance had to mow the yard for the first time and we are one of the few people on our block with green grass. Yes Lance has been playing yard boy and fertilizing our grass and with all the rain lately we have a lush green yard. However the neighbor behind us took her mower to the "repair" shop. My husband being the nice guy he is offered to help her out and mow her yard for her while they are repairing the mower.... after excepting his kind offer she informed him that they would have it for 5-6 weeks! Where in the world did she take the mower that it might take 5+ weeks to repair you might ask... to a bike repair shop. Seriously a bike repair shop no wonder it will take 5 or more weeks they will have to look up how to fix it. After laughing at the situation Lance headed out to mow our yard and the neighbors for the first time.

I figured since he was outside being "manly" in the yard I would help him out and start the work we needed to do in the flower beds.... so I manually (yes manually) pulled out 5 bushes that were in our flower bed. After that I was exhausted and in need of a good chiropractor so we now have a somewhat bare flower bed awaiting new plants.

Hitch is trying to help us with the landscaping tasks by digging in the backyard. We play this fun little game where Lance places rocks (more like boulders- these are not small rocks) around the edge of our fence and then Hitch moves them through out the day. When he is done with that job he begins his daily digging. He likes to dig up our sprinkler pipes just to see what they look like. He does not chew on the or hurt them he just uncovers them..... and then stands there like "look mom and dad- see what i found today" He is a mess but keeps life entertaining. Hitch also experienced his first snow this past winter. He LOVED it we could not get him to come in out of the snow. He chased, ran in it, buried his nose in it. It was a sight to be hold and great for a laugh.

As far as the family goes... we have finally finished adding all the newest members. 5 new babies and I must say we have the most beautiful and good baby additions. They are: Hayden, Elizabeth "Elle", Cade, Addisyn and Avery. I think that most of them already know that Aunt Katharine and Uncle Lance are there favorites.

Now that things are more flexible and time is not so strained we will keep this updated more frequently.

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico