Sunday, May 8, 2011

Try this again....

It is a new year and we are going to give this blogging thing a try again. As the school year comes to a close in a few weeks I thought it would be a good time to try to start blogging again. Lance and I are enjoying life just busy with work. Making big plans for all the things we want to accomplish this summer. I will be posting some of the pictures I am going to work on taking at upcoming events and our progress this summer on the following goals:
1. Taking a fun vacation together
2. organizing the house and cleaning out
3. preparing for a new school year the changes ahead and getting a new classroom put together (yes I am going to be moving out of a multi-purpose/ storage/ tutoring room into my very own classroom :) )
4. taking more photos and becoming better at it
5. and lots more....

Come back for updates

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico