Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Anniversary

I surprised Lance with a trip to California for our first wedding anniversary.  We stayed in Sonoma and went into San Fransisco two days.  Lance played golf one day and I walked around the town square in Sonoma and shopped.  Enjoy the few pictures I posted.

This is the room we stayed in ~ it was in  the original part of the old resort we stayed at.  It was beautiful.
This is one of the pictures I took of the hotel while I was walking around and Lance was golfing.
This was Lance's favorite thing in San Fran.  HE LOVED THE SEA LIONS!!!!
Not a great picture but it is one of the few of the two of us together on Pier 39.
I made Lance trek all the way to Ghiradelli Square so I could have some chocolate.  
We took a trip to Alcatraz.... I think Lance finally put me in my place behind bars... ha ha ha!
He found his spot.
Alcatraz Island as we left after our multi hour tour.
The actual top layer of our wedding cake one year later..... thawed..... and actually DELICIOUS!!

Oh and we arrived to champagne and chocolate covered strawberries at our hotel.  What a great vacation.  We had a great time on our vacation.  Lance is in charge of our second anniversary celebration!

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico