Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A 3rd Birthday Celebration

A birthday Bone for puppy!

Running around the house with our present.

These are a few pictures of Hitch's big day.... ENJOY! So Lance and I do not have children yet but we do have a dog.... and today our four legged boy turned 3 years old. Time has really flown since we got him. He is still so loving and playful... one might think he was still a puppy. We had a small family celebration just mom, dad and hitchers (Lance and I and our puppy). He got a new toy (a green rubber wrench) and a flavored raw hide bone. Watching him prance around our house with them and play with them you would have thought he won the lottery.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Softball - update 1

Alright well the guys are playing softball at a nice ballpark in Euless. They are playing in the "E" league which is supposed to be the easiest/ least experience/ fun grouping to be in. According to the "regulations" this is the league we should be playing in..... some of these teams playing however I think forgot this is supposed to be fun. They are overly competitive and some shall we say do not have the best sportsmanship. But our guys go out every Thursday night and still try to have fun. I think they are planning a team practice or team trip to the batting cages now before their next game. I thought I would post a few pictures that we have so far. The guys are currently one of three teams in the "E" league that are 0-4.... our goal: TO WIN ONE GAME! I believe if we are one of three teams with this record the Hometown Heroes can surely win one!!! Enjoy the pictures more to come now that I have borrowed my Dad's nice 35mm camera that has a ZOOM lens.

~OK so our Internet truly SUCKS!!!! I have been trying to post the other pics for over an hour and it is running so slow it is worse than dial up and won't upload the pictures. I will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Emergency Room twice in one week... and elected team mom!

We are both doing fine.... I had an issue with a kidney stone two Sundays ago and Lance had to take me to the ER. He survived and was wonderful and very supportive. I have since passed the stone and Lance is thankful I am not crying and rolling around in a chair in pain. He said that was the worst part was knowing I was in such pain and there was not really anything he could do for me but hold my hair and a barf bag and try to get me into triage a little faster. Poor guy!!!! But he was wonderful and I would not have made it with out him. Funny thing was that I passed the stone like usual once I knew what it was and had some medicine. Well Lance is playing on a softball team with some friends from his hometown on Thursday nights. The following Thursday (after the stone attack) a guy on Lance's team got hit in the face with a softball. It broke his nose and I was back in the emergency room with him in the same week (I had to drive him since his fiance was not there - of course it is the one game she could not come to.... she met us at the ER) So I have now been elected team mom/ care taker. In return for the hilarity in the title I now take capri suns, gold fish and my first aide bag to every ball game. I think I am being prepared to some day have children. I just did not know that my trial run set would be between the ages of 25-36 (mostly 25-29 with one 36 year old). Oh a week in the life of the Langner family. We will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lee side is.... Fertile as the Nile valley

Okay don't everybody get excited it is not I repeat NOT Lance and I! However I do want to put up a post to tell my cousin Brittany CONGRATULATIONS!!!! After several years of trying for a second baby she and her family found out this week that she is pregnant with a baby boy and due in February. We could not be more excited, thrilled, ecstatic for them.... I know what you must be thinking she just found out and she is due in a few months? Well ladies it is time to be jealous she must have the easiest pregnancy on earth and I pretty much know I will not be that lucky.

On top of that in the past year we have welcomed 5 new babies into the family and are expecting 2 by the end of May. How truly blessed are we that our family continues to grow. Brit I guess you were due for a boy since recently mostly we got girls.... gotta even it out some how. Again we are so happy for you and wish you the easiest finish to your pregnancy..... you deserve it girl! Let us know when you get your registry up!!!! Love you.

The Langners

The Langners
from our honeymoon in mexico