Sunday, October 14, 2012

Circus with some loves

So I took my cousin's kiddos to the circus the other night and met a few of my cousins and their kids for the show.  I obviously do not have kiddos of my own yet so I utilized "rent-a-kid" which is pretty easy in my family considering how many of them have young kids.  It was so much FUN!!!  WE started our night a chic-fil-a for a little dinner and ice cream.  Then we headed over to Will Rogers in Fort Worth early and the kids got to ride on an elephant and a pony before the circus started.  My mom rode with them so I could take their picture.  Yes all I got my mom to ride on an elephant! :) Then we got some popcorn and drinks and headed to our seats.  We had seats just a few rows up from the floor and it was AWESOME!  The kids loved all the animals, acts, and the funny clown that preformed on a trampoline and in a skit.  They were mesmorized by the circus..... precious Addisyn did not say a single word from the start to the end of the circus..... and she always has something to say.  Overall I would say it was a success and a great first circus for the little ones.  Brittany, Michelle, Mom, Parker, Walker, Grayson, Ashton, Autry, Addisyn I has so much fun with you at the circus thanks for coming to hang out with me.  I do have to say though it has been rather odd driving around with two empty car seats in my car for a week.

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The Langners

The Langners
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